The vision for Gospel Entre was birthed out of a burden Greg has for church planters. Most planters have been pastors before, or have even been involved with church planting teams, but often times, planters lack entrepreneurial thinking and skills that lead their churches toward sustainability and success.

Think of a square. Each corner represents something different in church planting:

  • Corner 1: Biblical exegesis (knowing the Scriptures)
  • Corner 2: Cultural exegesis (knowing your city)
  • Corner 3: Personal exegesis (knowing yourself)
  • Corner 4: Entrepreneurial exegesis (knowing how to)

Most of the time in church planting training and assessments, we do the first 3 well, but we rarely do true assessment on the ability to do good entrepreneurial exegesis.

That is why Gospel Entre exists. We want church planters to know how to.

Gospel Entre provides 3 different services:

We look forward to working with you and walking with you to see your church or church plant flourish.

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